Online activities

There are many options for doing fun things online together. For example, you can play a game online, visit a museum, exercise, read, drink coffee, etc. Everything is possible. Below we have listed some things for you. Do you have tips? Please let us know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The site is still under construction. So definitely come back in a few days!

Boardgames and online games

There are many great websites where you can play games. A game of chess, checkers, people do not bother you, cards, board games. Check out some good websites, choose a game and make a call in the online games group.

Together art and culture

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to go to a museum during this time. Fortunately, many museums have a collection online. Some museums have started with fun assignments online. Are you interested in art and culture. Join the art and culture group and meet each other. Consultation via the bulletin board what is possible. Make an appointment to do a virtual tour and then chat about what you have seen.

Film together

Time for a movie or a beautiful documentary? Vote in the online movie group decide which film or documentary you will watch. Then enjoy a chat with the other group members while enjoying a cup of coffee. There are many providers, some paid, some grace where you can find beautiful offer.

Books and literature

Of course it is always nice to read a book. Do you enjoy reading the same book and then chatting about it together? Meet in the literature group. Indicate which book you want to read, when you think you have finished it and make a pleasant appointment. Do you want to read or listen to an audiobook? Of course you can. Just turn on your video calling and start.

Sport together

In is important to keep fit. Most of us normally go to a fun sports club or fitness. For now we have to arrange it at home. What can you do like. Bootcamp, etc. Make an appointment via the online sport group, turn on your webcam and exercise together.

Music together

Is music your hobby and do you want to make music together, do you want to watch concerts, discuss tips that are coming together. On the right you will find the first tips. Join the online concert group of online music group and gives tips to other group members. Meet with each other to meet online. 

Courses and lectures together

Would you like a lesson in salsa, a photography course or gain knowledge about gardening? There are many courses, workshops and readings on the internet. Indicate which course you are going to take and arrange online to chat with each other. Give each other tips and put them in your call within this group.