Meet Online

There are many options for doing fun online things together. For example, you can play an online game, visit a museum, exercise, read, drink coffee, etc. Everything is possible. How to do so is explained here. Much Meet Online fun! The site is currently under construction. So be sure to check it out regularly!

Online boozebar

The  online boozebar (videobellen) from SamenUITagenda is open every evening from 20.00 uur tot 21.00 uur from Tuesday 7 April. From here you can arrange to undertake a fun online activity. There is an administrator who is happy to explain. If you want to become an administrator yourself, please mail to info@samenuitagenda. Then we will contact you soon!

Own boozebar

Do you want to create your own online boozebar or use a different video calling application, check out our spevial video calling page

Online Activities

A list of online activities, which you can undertake together, you can find on our online activities page. All the starts are hard. If you want to safely start online activites, take a look at ouronline meet (practice) group. Here you can also ask questions to an administrator.

Calls and groups

Join one of the groups focused on online activities together to find people with similar interests. Of course you can also create a group aimed on meeting online yourself. You can easily place calls in the groups. Go online toghether and wathc a movie, play a game, go to the online boozebar or visit a online museum together. Everything is possible!

Online calls

We just started with the online meeting page. As soon as calls have been made (from users) you find them via the Online activities pagina

Online events

Many online events are currently being organized. At each event you can place calls yourself to visit these "online" events together or to participate together. Maybe you want to chat in advance about the artist, or chat and watch at the same time. Place a call, indicate how you want to make contact online, what time you want to meet and what you want to do.


Do you have any tips or would you like your event to be included in our agenda, mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We would be happy to contact you!